Fairfood Friday #13
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Fairfood Friday #13

08 July 2011, 9:00

Every Friday we’ll round up the most interesting, inspiring or funny stories we came across whilst doing research for our blog. This week: carbon neutral ice cream, why riding a bike is good for the economy, and 3d chocolate printing.

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Scotland’s wind powered and carbon neutral ice cream [VIDEO]

Ever heard of carbon neutral Ice cream? Watch how this manufacturer In Scotland is producing 10 million litres of ice cream each year completely powered by the wind.

The Benefit Corporation: Can the Future of Business Be About More Than Making a Buck?

Find out why Ben and Jerry’s were forced to sell their ice cream company and how a new type of corporation prevents companies from having to do the same in the future.

Germany goes nuclear free
Germany has voted to shut down all nuclear power reactors by 2022, making it the first major industrial nation to completely reject the technology since the Fukishima disaster in Japan.

British farmers forced to pay the cost of supermarket price wars
As profits soar at the supermarkets, food producers say they are being forced out of business by unfair buying practices.

Riding Your Bike Is Good for the Economy
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Today in win-win situations: Not only has the bicycle industry recovered from the recession—bikes sales were up 15 percent in 2010 from the previous year—but it creates new jobs as well!

3D Printing Technology Appeals to Our Sweet Side with Chocolate!
Printing 3D objects seems to be the newest hype. Find out how you can now even print chocolate!

Elisa-Sharon Geervliet is an E-campaigner for Fairfood International.

Photography: Madeleine_ (CC license)

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