Fairfood Friday #16
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Fairfood Friday #16

29 July 2011, 9:00

Every Friday we’ll round up the most interesting, inspiring or funny stories we came across while doing research for our blog. This week: Cows may be the answer to our quest for green fuel.
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Cows ‘may offer greener fuel key’
A cow’s stomach could hold the key to creating more environmentally friendly versions of petrol and diesel, according to Edinburgh scientists.South Korea goes green with ‘recharging on the go’ electric trams
Amusement parks in South Korea are set to become environment-friendly after replacing the diesel-powered carts with hi-tech electric trams, which are powered by strips beneath the road.A Comeback for the Blue Iguana
What do golden lion tamarins, red wolves and, now, blue iguanas all have in common?Vote for Britain’s most wildlife-friendly farmer
The British public is being asked to decide who their country’s most wildlife friendly farmer is, as part of a new drive to celebrate the real heroes of the countryside.

Germany passes new renewable energy law
The German upper chamber of parliament, the Bundesrat, approved the latest revision of the Renewable Energy Sources Act.

Where Can You Hide 12 Volcanoes? (Hint: It’s Big and Blue)
We know more about the topography of Mars than that of the Earth’s ocean-covered regions and that there is much remaining to be discovered here on our home planet.

How A Nonprofit Funded 1,000 Students With Micro-loans
What do you think of micro-loans?  Is it smart to crowdsource education funding?

Lenka Valacsaiova is a public relations officer for Fairfood International.

Photography: Martin Gommel (CC License)

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