Fairfood Friday #25
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Fairfood Friday #25

07 October 2011, 9:00

Every Friday we’ll round up the most interesting, inspiring or funny stories we came across while doing research for our blog. This week: super broccoli!

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Super-Broccoli launched in UK Market
A hybrid strain of broccoli containing higher levels of the cancer fighting phytonutrient glucoraphani has been launched in UK supermarkets.

The Potato Problem: Can Scientists Climate-Proof Spud Crops? 
‘All around the world yields of crops like potatoes and beans will drop as their growing conditions change.’

Rooftop Supermarket Garden Delivers Zero Food Miles Produce (Video)
This urban mini-farm is organised to provide the freshest, most local produce possible.

Do You Know The Sustainable Business Trends For 2011?
When faced with the realities of increased business risk, increased cost or the lost revenue, the business world inevitably responds.  Such has been the case with water, carbon, and energy management becoming critical issues to address

The Cuts Get Personal: Stop this ridiculous food waste
Bruce Bateson: It angers me that health and safety laws force supermarkets to throw away produce when so many like me rely on free parcels

Climate talks eye revenue from shipping
With nations facing gaping shortfalls meeting pledges on climate change, several governments and activist groups are pushing to put a price on shipping emissions to fund aid to poor countries.

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