Fairfood Friday #36
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Fairfood Friday #36

27 January 2012, 9:00

Every Friday we round up the most interesting, inspiring or funny stories we came across while conducting research for our news stories. This week: Flower Power – In matters of clever design, nature has often got there first.

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Flower Power
In matters of clever design, nature has often got there first.Talk Point: the Water-Energy-Food Nexus
What is the best way of tackling the interconnected resources issues of water, food and energy?Charity Won’t Save the World, but Capitalism Can
As our world and economies evolve, we have an opportunity and a responsibility to rethink the relationship between economic and social issues.City Grazing
Voracious goats clear brush as fire prevention and provide a green alternative to the use of (toxic) herbicides.

Plant Fuels that Could Power a Jet
Bilal Bomani, from NASA’s Greenlab research facility, reveals a self-sustaining eco-system that produces biofuels without wasting arable land or fresh water.

The Future is Black
Power is essential for India´s long-term growth. But electricity is unlikely to flow fast enough.

Ancient Popcorn Found
The puffed grain was likely and occasional snack, archaeologist says.

Book Trailer: Do We Honestly Care About Saving the Earth?
“The Conundrum: How Scientific Innovation, Increased Efficiency, and Good Intentions Can Make Our Energy and Climate Problems Worse.”

Dirkje Koene is a Copywriter for Fairfood International. 

Image: batintherain (CC License).

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