Fairfood Friday #39
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Fairfood Friday #39

17 February 2012, 9:00

Every Friday we round up the most interesting, inspiring or funny stories we came across while conducting research for our news stories. This week: What You Should Have Given Your Valentine – On the Future of Food: The Prince´s Speech.

Have you read something we should know about? Please let us know in the comments.

What You Should Have Given Your Valentine
On the future of food: The Prince´s SpeechHow to See a Tree
Are you a city dweller? You don´t have to travel far to be awed by nature.

We Don´t Have to Choose Between Our Environment and Our Economy
Obama addresses clean energy, environmental policy

What Are You Doing With Your Food Scraps?
A list of foods that can be composted

Is Your Toilet Paper Killing Tigers?
World Wildlife Fund claims that the production of toilet paper is causing habitat destruction

The Toxic Baby?
A film which explores environmental toxins through interviews and surreal imagery

A rare look inside China´s energy machine

Dirkje Koene is a Copywriter for Fairfood International.

Image: Bob.Fornal (CC License)

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