Fairfood Friday #41
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Fairfood Friday #41

02 March 2012, 5:56

Every Friday we round up the most interesting, inspiring or funny stories we came across while conducting research for our news stories. This week: How to Stop Fishermen Fishing.

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How to Stop Fishermen Fishing
Of all the sea’s many problems, overfishing should be the most fixable. Here’s how.

The Ocean’s Shifting Baseline
Software used around the world to model and track the ocean.

Green Rules to Drive Innovation
Environmental policies must be carefully structured and predictable if they are to enhance rather than undermine competitiveness.

How to Extract Gas Responsibly
Fracking isn’t going away.

Preserving the World’s Reefs through Photography
There is a hope that stunning visuals will “bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and public awareness”.

Feat May Help Scientists Preserve Seeds for the Future
The oldest plant ever to be regenerated has been grown from 32,000-year-old seeds.

Hamburger Junction
Muscle grown in factories could soon be appearing in a supermarket near you.

Business and NGOs to Walk Hand in Hand?
Businesses and NGOs may be uneasy bedfellows, but the relationship presents opportunities for the world’s poor.

How Technology in Cities Can Help Deliver a Sustainable Future
With urban areas containing an increasing majority of the world’s population, we need to make them work more efficiently.

Pictures: Spanish Solar Energy
Spain’s solar energy boom of the past decade has waned, but the Iberian Peninsula nurtured innovative technologies that may pave the way for future large-scale renewable energy.

Dirkje Koene is a Copywriter for Fairfood International.

Image: Plbmak (CC License).

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