Fairfood Friday #51
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Fairfood Friday #51

11 May 2012, 9:00

Every Friday we round up the most interesting, inspiring or funny stories we came across while conducting research for our news stories. As the world celebrates World Fairtrade Day this Saturday Sarah Morrison examines if Fairtrade is really fair and the scheme’s pros and cons.

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Fairtrade: Is it really fair?
As more than 70 countries celebrate World Fair Trade Day on Saturday, Sarah Morrison examines the scheme’s pros and cons

From Bark to Bottle; a Cork Story
For centuries, this versatile material — harvested by stripping the bark from a certain oak species once every decade or so — was the only choice for sealing wine bottles. At its peak, the trade supported thousands of workers, from bark-stripping crews in the rural communities around the forests to the factory workers in towns like Coruche, in southern Portugal.

Lifelong Sustainability Champion
Ahead of the sustainability 24 leadership debate, Adam Werbach discusses climate change, CEOs and the future of sustainability.

It´s Not So Lonely At the Top: Ecosystems Thrive High in the Sky
For all their isolation, the tops of tepuis are not barren. They are like islands in the sky, covered with low forests and shrublands that support a diversity of animals likes frogs and lizards

Scientists Race to Save World´s Rice Bowl from Climate Change
This story is part of a special National Geographic News series on global water issues.

Structuring Decisions in the Interests Of Sustainability 
In the second of a three-part series, the idea of achieving goals through structured decision-making is introduced.

British Columbia Rethinks its Pioneering Carbon Tax
British Columbians are feeling a little lonely in their bid to save the planet.

Salt-Tolerant Rice
Nuclear-powered crops; physics meets biology in a project to breed better strains of rice.

Dirkje Koene is a Copywriter for Fairfood International.

Image: Bruno Girin (CC License)

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