About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Fairfood International is an international non-profit organisation advocating for a sustainable and fair global food system. Created in 2002, it is based in Amsterdam, with project hubs in Berlin, Johannesburg, London and San Francisco.

Our Vision

Fairfood International envisions a fair & sustainable food system able to adequately produce and provide nutritious food for everyone in a way that preserves the environment and natural resources for future generations, respects human rights and secures a thriving economy for all, thereby contributing to ending hunger and poverty.

Our Mission

It is Fairfood’s mission to improve the socio-economic conditions of vulnerable people, such as smallholder farmers, workers (especially women) and consumers in our food system and to ensure the sustainable production and consumption of food, by influencing the policies and practices of global food and beverage companies and governments.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is based on empowering vulnerable people in food supply chains and holding companies accountable for business activities which violate international conventions and agreements. Fairfood is convinced that trade, done fairly, can improve the lives of millions of people working in food production thereby lessening dependence on aid. Our unique approach combines:

  • Researching specific sustainability issues affecting vulnerable people in food supply chains
  • Directly engaging with food and beverage companies to address the issues we uncover
  • Raising the awareness and mobilizing public opinion to demand change
  • Developing the capacity of our local partners empowering them to create change

Strategic vision 2020 jpeg

Read about our strategy in our Strategic Vision Document 2020

Why we Advocate for Sustainability to Companies

We believe that companies have the responsibility to lead their own journey to sustainability. At Fairfood International, we are not involved with companies’ implementation of sustainability initiatives. Rather we persuade companies to take full ownership of the process themselves, including its funding and implementation.

We engage in positive discourse with companies, approaching them with optimism but without naivety. We believe in taking a critical approach when necessary, but starting from a positive position to encourage companies to open up.

To realise our vision and fulfil our mission we have chosen to approach companies directly. So far, many transnational corporations in the food industry have shown their capacity to cause harm to the human rights and lives of individuals. However, we believe that, as stated in the United Nations Norms on the Responsibilities of Transnational Corporations, these corporations and other business enterprises also have the capacity to foster economic well-being, development, technological improvement and wealth.