September 2014 – Another successful step forward in Honduras 


Last September, our partners from the trade union confederation CGT Honduras (Central General de Trabajadores de Honduras) signed a four-party agreement in Choluteca aimed at improving the health of workers in the melon industry.

The agreement is the formalisation of lengthy and positive negotiations initiated by CGT Honduras with the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of Health and the company Grupo Agrolíbano. In the coming year, the four parties will work together to ensure that Grupo Agrolíbano promotes health and safety at work in accordance with national and international laws.

Grupo Agrolíbano, an important exporter of melon in Honduras, is responsible for establishing and implementing a policy on health and safety, as well as making sure that the required resources for this are available. The Ministries of Labour and Health will give advice to the company and assess the implementation of the agreement. Finally, CGT Honduras will work closely with the workers and will be responsible for the elaboration and implementation of an awareness-raising campaign about health and safety at work.

According to CGT Honduras, “this is the first time that an agreement of this nature has been signed in our country and we are very proud to be part of it”. This success is a remarkable result for the WE project and shows how developing capacities of organisations in the Global South can contribute to a more sustainable global food system.


2014-08-05 – Our partner Central General de Trabajadores (General Workers Confederation, CGT) in Honduras has recently enjoyed great success with the implementation of its campaign to improve conditions in the melon industry.

The union, which received training in 2013 to design effective campaigns, developed a campaign proposal to improve working conditions in the melon industry. The CGT subsequently received funding to implement their campaign, which meant the learning cycle was completed. This is the cornerstone of the ‘learning by doing’ approach of Fairfood International’s WE Project.

More specifically, CGT aimed to work with the Honduran melon producer Grupo Agrolibano in order to improve the health and occupational risks of the company’s workers. The campaign has started to produce inspiring results. On the one hand, Grupo Agrolibano has engaged in negotiations with CGT and opened the doors for collaboration with the union for the first time. On the other hand, the Honduran government has committed itself to giving support to Grupo Agrolibano through both the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labour. As part of this collaboration, a joint assessment of the current conditions will be undertaken. Additionally, workers will be trained on the risks associated with their work and how to minimise them.

This tri-partite collaboration has been formally established with the signing of an agreement in which all the organisations commit to jointly implementing the project. Felipe, one of the unionists working on the campaign says: “I never thought that we would be able to achieve that much in such a short time. What we are doing is very innovative in Honduras.”