Roads to Sustainability

Roads to Sustainability

Within this project based at our former Berlin office, Fairfood International helped small and medium-sized German food companies implement sustainable solutions.

The ‘Roads to Sustainability’ project, which was sponsored by the German Federal Foundation for the Environment (DBU), aimed to increase awareness of sustainability issues and encourage the implementation of sustainable business solutions within the German food producing industry. The project was especially designed for small and medium-sized food companies that often lack the necessary knowledge and resources to address the negative social and environmental impacts of their business activities.

What was achieved?

Following the three sustainability workshops we conducted in three German cities in June 2013, in which a total of 34 representatives from German SMEs were able to get acquainted with different methods of addressing sustainability issues in their product supply chains, our project entered its second phase. Since September 2013, we have developed and conducted 20 webinars on five different sustainability topics: sustainability communication, sustainability management, hot spot analysis, stakeholder processes and code of conduct. More than 100 participants from various food producing companies, organisations, universities and public entities were present during the live online presentations.

Simultaneously, the project team continued its close collaboration with approximately 20 German SMEs. By means of telephone calls and company visits, we monitored the companies’ progress and provided further individual assistance and counselling. We are happy to report that several companies made tangible changes to their sustainability strategy, management and communication. A couple of companies, for instance, have created new positions for sustainability managers, while others have developed a new sustainability strategy according to our guidelines or have initiated a certification process for their products.

In 2014, they published the Sustainability Toolbox: a guide for companies in the food industry.