Our team

Sander de JongSanderDeJong
Managing Director
Tel: +31 6 11 92 92 47
Email: Sander.deJong [at] fairfood.org

Sander believes there is a better way to feed the world. His enthusiasm and experience as an entrepreneur and marketer make him the ideal person to plot a new course for Fairfood. Sander was the co-founder of the social enterprise The Dutch Weed Burger. He also set up CoFounders, a network of impact entrepreneurs. He was previously a strategy consultant for Boer & Croon, where he worked for various national and international commercial and non-profit organisations. In addition, Sander is a mentor and coach for a range of food start-ups and foundations. 

Francesca PalamidessiFranesca
Advocacy and Communications
Tel: +31 627 244 217
Skype: francesca.palamidessi.fairfood
Email: francesca.palamidessi [at ] fairfood.org

Francesca believes that change is possible and Fairfood can make a big change in society. This is the driving force that motivates Francesca to work hard for Fairfood. Her background in Sociology allows Francesca to have a deep intercultural awareness and cross-cultural understanding, especially regarding race, gender and ethnic differences and also inequalities, injustices and social problems. She brings to Fairfood her research and communication skills. Francesca is passionate about researching and creating links for possible new directions.


Wendy SchutteWendy_Snapseed
Advocacy and Engagement
Tel: +31 682 074 981
Email: wendy.schutte [at] fairfood.org


Stacie Lyons
Business Development and Communications Stacie
Email: stacie.lyons [at] fairfood.org

Stacie believes that no one should have to suffer for the food on our plates. More and more, consumers and companies feel the same way, and if we work together, changes in food supply chains are definitely possible. Stacie works at Fairfood to make sure this happens. Her dedication to improving the lives of workers and farmers in the agrifood industry is what Stacie brings to the Fairfood team. She harnesses this energy and passion in her work with donors and partners, ensuring we all can work together effectively to create better food supply chains.

Fausia Abdoel
Junior Communications Specialist – Volunteer
Email: fausia.abdoel[at]fairfood.org


Ron Dol
Email: ron.dol[at]fairfood.org

Ron works for Fairfood because he would like to see that his efforts help to achieve a more liveable society. Joining the Fairfood cause gives me the opportunity. Ron’s eye for detail and the ability to see the intention behind facts are his greatest assets. These competences attribute to clarity and transparency in Fairfood’s reports towards the public as well for internal purposes.