Blogs ChicksLoveFood and Daisy Scholte about meeting Moroccan tomato pickers

23 October 2015

Food blogger Femke from ChicksLoveFood and winner of the Roving Reporter contest Daisy Scholte joined us to Morocco to meet the women that pick our tomatoes. Read below the honest blogs the wrote about this trip and what it was like to meet the Moroccan women that pick their tomatoes in person and to learn about how they live and what their struggles are.

Buying tomatoes will never be the same.

All blogs are in Dutch, except for this blog by ChicksLoveFood. However, even if you’re not Dutch, the blogs are still recommended as they contain beautiful pictures and you can always use Google Translate to read them in your own language.

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Blogs by consumer Daisy Scholte:

4 dingen die jij kunt doen voor eerlijke tomaten

Dit zijn de vrouwen die onze tomaten plukken

10 dingen die je nog niet weet over tomaten


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Blogs by ChicksLoveFood:

Op bezoek bij tomatenplukkers in Marokko

Femke’s trip naar Marokko

Tomaten Marokko

Tomatoes on Moroccan market – photo by Daisy Scholte