Creative entries for ‘The world on your plate’ contest

28 September 2015

We already told you that we received many inspiring and original creations for our ‘The world on your plate’ contest. We decided to share some of these creative entries with you, so you can get an idea of what ‘The world on your plate’ means to other people and maybe you’ll get some fresh inspiration as well!

1. Suus Pessers went out on the streets, looking for people that knew more about the origins of the banana she was eating:

2. Krista van der Steeg wrote a nice blog about traveling and food (click to enlarge):

Blog De wereld op je bord - Krista van de Steeg

3. Stefan Petrutiu filmed his search for the meaning ‘The world on your plate’:

4. Merel de Herder portrayed her favourite food as a Yin Yang symbol, because she is convinced that her food should have a sustainable balance: Yin and Yang

Merel de Herder







5. Maxyne Leermakers used tomatoes for a very tasty lasagne with a flavour explosion guaranteed (click to enlarge):


As we’ve already announced, Daisy Scholte sent in the most original entry and will join us on a trip to Morocco to meet tomato pickers. Stay tuned to read and see more of her trip to Morocco!