Daisy Scholte becomes roving reporter Morocco

24 September 2015

Lees hier de blog in het Nederlands.

Wow, we received so many creative and inspiring entries showing what ‘The world is on your plate’ means to people, that we had a very hard time picking the winner. The most compelling blogs, tasty recipes, videos searching for the origin of bananas, as well as some beautiful photos and collages, were sent to us from all over the world. People filmed their search for the origin of their food, studied the countries where the fruits and nuts in their yoghurt come from, and created tasty recipes using sustainable and fair food. We really feel honoured to see how much time and thought has been put in it. A BIG THANK YOU to all those who sent in their creative ideas!

So, it was difficult to select a winner… but we eventually succeeded. We are happy to announce that Daisy Scholte will join us and food blogger Chickslovefood.com on a trip to Morocco. Daisy filmed part of the journey of a tomato, from supermarket to home, and will come with us to discover the first stages of the journey. Watch her video below:

Stay tuned to read  more on her trip to Morocco!