How fair is the food in your fridge?

19 September 2014

Do you ever wonder where the food in your fridge comes from? Fairfood’s new informercial reveals the secret suffering behind the food products we all love and what can be done to change this.

At Fairfood International, we have spent more than a decade standing up for the rights of the vulnerable smallholder farmers and food workers who keep our fridges well stocked. We have uncovered injustices in the global food industry, such as the poverty wages paid to pineapple workers in the Philippines, the oppression of Moroccan tomato workers seeking a living wage and labour rights, and the harmful working conditions sugarcane workers in Nicaragua face leading to chronic kidney disease.

We strive to influence the policies and practices of food companies and governments to ensure a fairer food system. As a consumer, you can also voice your concern and help us transform the lives of farmers and workers. Fair food is our main concern, make it yours too.