Fairfood nominated for best innovation 2016

10 October 2016

In October 2016, Fairfood was nominated for best innovation in the Spindle Innovation Awards 2016, an initiative organized by Partos.

Fairfood’s innovation, ‘The Value Chain Approach’ was short listed out of 39 ideas, which included contributions from Action Aid, Hivos and Plan Nederland, and presented at the Partos Innovatie Festival.

The public had the opportunity to leave comments and tips in order to make innovations even more successful. Fairfood’s team was honored to be there and to share its learning points with other innovators. See the video of the Spindle Challenge Innovation Session here.

The value chain approach for winter’s tomatoes

Based on its work with Moroccan tomatoes, Fairfood´s innovation tackles power imbalances by working on both ends of the food supply chain. Since 2013, Fairfood has worked closely with the Fédération Nationale du Secteur Agricole (FNSA), a local Moroccan labor Union and the Ford Foundation to improve the livelihoods of female tomato pickers.

The tomatoes we enjoy year-round in Dutch and European supermarkets are sourced from Morocco. Moroccan tomato pickers and packers earn between €5 and €8 a day, although the cost of living is around €15 a day.  The majority of them are women who work long hours and under unsafe conditions, without contracts or social protection. Despite their hard work, they do not earn enough to make ends meet.

In many global food sectors workers do not earn a living wage. This means that food workers earn wages that are too low to fulfill their needs and the needs of their family. This includes basic necessities, such as sufficient nutritious food, healthcare, clothes and a decent roof over their head.

Fairfood International wants food workers all over the world to earn a living wage: a wage that is high enough to take care of themselves and their families.

For more information on our work in Morocco click here.