Fairfood complaints policy and procedure

Fairfood International is committed to an accountable and open way of working with its internal and external stakeholders. We want to continuously learn, enhance trust and demonstrate respect for our stakeholders’ interests. One of the ways in which we can successfully achieve this is by listening and responding to genuine complaints about our activities or their impact.

Please click on the following links if you would like to learn more about how Fairfood handles official complaints directed at Fairfood, members of Fairfood’s staff and/or third parties officially acting on behalf of Fairfood.

Complaints Policy

Complaints Procedure

Should you decide to raise a complaint, contact Fairfood directly by completing Fairfood’s Official Complaints Form (see link below):

Official Complaints Form

The form must be sent to Quality Assurance Manager via email to complaints@fairfood.org or via post to:

Quality Assurance Manager
Fairfood International
Weesperstraat 61
1018 VN Amsterdam
The Netherlands

P.S: If the complaint concerns the function or activities performed by Quality Assurance Manager, please direct the complaint to Fairfood’s Executive Director.

P.P.S: Complaints raised via phone will not be considered unless an Official Complaints Form is completed and sent. People with special disabilities unable to complete the form, can request assistance from Quality Assurance Manager.