Fairfood responds to Dutch government letter on global food security

5 December 2014

The Dutch government has made a renewed commitment towards ensuring food security within one generation, as expressed in its letter of 18 November 2014. While Fairfood – and its partners in the consortium ‘A Fair Bite for Food Rights’ – welcome this commitment, we have a number of serious concerns about the choices made and the direction that the letter indicates.

We are worried, among other things, about the Dutch government’s lack of focus on human rights and too much faith being put in corporate actors and technological agricultural innovation. In addition, we also miss a strong commitment to protecting and strengthening local food systems, which in themselves often are sustainable, innovative and an inherent representation of local culture.

Read our position paper via the link below to find our more about this pressing subject:

Global Food Security position paper dec 2014

‘A Fair Bite for Food Rights’ consortium

‘A Fair Bite for Food Rights’ consortium comprises Fairfood International, FIAN International, IBFAN-GIFA, Slow Food and Wemos. We are a group of civil society organisations that work to ensure everybody can benefit from equitable, sustainable, rights-based food systems. Our organisations represent networks of local groups that are concerned about the unsustainable nature and inequities in our food systems across the entire globe. Several of our organisations are also members of the Good Food Alliance.