Help us reach 100K to push Lidl to pay a living wage this Labour Day

1 May 2015

This year for Labour Day, we call upon Lidl to pay living wages to all workers in their supply chains, starting with their shrimp supply chains! We joined forces with SumOfUs to make Lidl pay a living wage. Watch this video of shrimp worker Win, in which she shares how she is struggling to survive on a poverty wage and you’ll understand why your signature is so important!

The story of Win is a strong message for us to support and care for food workers all around the world. Win’s story should not remain unheard – so #shareifyoucare.

Shrimp peeled by workers like Win are sold by European supermarkets, such as Lidl. We are calling on Lidl to pay a living wage to all workers in their global food supply chains, starting with their shrimp supply chains.

We believe that supermarkets have the ability to make positive, lasting changes as a result of their huge purchasing power. That is why we are starting with Lidl and asking them to pay a living wage, you can help us by sharing the video and the petition.

So far Lidl has not made any public statement following the launch of the petition. They also told Business & Human Rights Resource Centre’s that they had “no further comment” when invited to respond on an article on the abuses in the Asian shrimp sector.

We are convinced that Lidl cannot ignore the magic amount of 100,000 signatures – so help us reach this goal by signing our petition, and sharing it with 5 friends today.

We’d love to hear about ideas that you have about ways to encourage Lidl. You can send them to