Infographic: Philippine pineapple worker reality explained

4 November 2014

Reality for Philippine pineapple workers is extremely complicated and frequently harsh. In our report ‘Paradise lost: the bitter reality behind working in the Philippine pineapple industry‘, we revealed how at least 24,000 workers employed by the two major Philippine pineapple producers – Del Monte Philippines Inc. and Dole Philippines – earn poverty wages well below a living wage, leaving them unable to afford basic needs, such as food, medicine and education. This situation is far worse for an ever-growing group of ‘contractual workers’, who are employed through so-called labour cooperatives.

Fairfood has an increasing suspicion that Dole Philippines and Del Monte Philippines are hiring contractual workers to avoid their responsibility to pay fair and just living wages. We find this unacceptable. However, we think there is an easy solution to the complicated reality that the pineapple giants have managed to create: the companies should reverse the trend of ‘contractualisation’ and ensure a living wage for all workers in their supply chains.

To understand what is happening to the workers in Del Monte Philippines’ and Dole Philippines’ supply chains, have a look at the infographics below: