International Migrants Day – Globally there are millions of migrant food workers

18 December 2015

Today is International Migrants Day. Globally, there are millions of people that have migrated to another region or country in the hope of finding work. Many of these people end up working in the food industry in which they often earn poverty wages and work under harsh labour conditions, while they are far away from their families. Just like Burmese Sandar and Nal who moved to Thailand to work as shrimp peelers. In this video they share what it is like to survive on a poverty wage, and how their lives have become even tougher now they’ve been fired and Sandar is pregnant.

Shrimp peeled by exploited migrant workers like Sandar and Nal, are sold by European supermarkets such as Lidl. You can help us change this! Surprise Lidl this Christmas and ask them to come up with a concrete plan to pay living wages to all workers in their global food supply chains: