Make Fruit Fair! – Sign the petition

2 September 2015

Did you know that thousands of farmers and workers may have been exploited to produce the sweet and juicy mangoes, bananas and pineapples you enjoy? Their basic rights are often simply treated with contempt.

Exploitation of fruit workers is happening anywhere in this world. We at Fairfood International know by experience that fruit workers are being exploited in the pineapple industry in the Philippines and in the tomato sector in Morocco. We know that many of these workers earn poverty wages that are not enough to live on. For these workers, every day is a struggle to survive. Moreover they often cannot stand up for their rights as their right to collective bargaining is not respected. Did you know that Moroccan tomatoes and Philippine canned pineapples are sold in our supermarkets? Don’t you think that these workers deserve fair wages and fair labour conditions for their hard work putting the fruits on our plates?

We have a strong voice as consumers, and we must use it to urge the EU, governments, supermarkets and the wider food industry to take action. These powerful actors need to ensure that a fair price is paid for tropical fruits and that they are produced without violating human rights or polluting the environment.

Sign the petition! Together our demand to the EU is Make Fruit Fair – now!

We officially support the petition of Make Fruit Fair! to EU commissioner Bieńkowska. The Make Fruit Fair! project is a global consortium of 19 partners from the EU, Cameroon, Colombia, Ecuador and the Windward Islands, coordinated by Oxfam Germany.