#Nopartybacardi – Tell Bacardi to improve working conditions of sugarcane workers

17 December 2015

Our friends at CNV Internationaal (Dutch trade union federation) are calling upon Bacardi to improve the working conditions and to help prevent workers from getting CKDnT. You can join them! Tell Bacardi on its Facebook page and through twitter there’s currently #nopartywithbacardi. Visit www.nopartywithbacardi.nl to learn more (in Dutch).

Why tell Bacardi to improve the working conditions?

Over the last decade, thousands of sugarcane workers in Central America have died because of Chronic Kidney Disease for non-Traditional causes (CKDnT), which is related to the harsh working conditions. Yet, increased evidence tells us that these deaths can be easily prevented by applying four simple solutions: more access to clean water, more rest, more access to shade and more ergonomic tools.

Bacardi sourcies sugar products for its rum from Central America and therefore can play an important role in helping its sugar suppliers in implementing these simple solutions to improve workers’ lives!

The four simple solutions:
Graph Simple Solutions

You can read more about the issues behind sugarcane production in Central America in our report Give them a break, which we published together with CNV Internationaal and the Central American Institute for Social Studies (ICAES).

Or you can watch the intense documentary Under Cane (14 minutes) by Ed Kashi, which shows how harsh the working conditions of sugarcane workers are and the devastating effect of this fatal kidney disease.