Simple solutions to end CKDnT epidemic among sugarcane workers in Central America

28 April 2016

Fairfood International is working together as part of its Occupational Health and Safety programme to address the fatal epidemic of Chronic Kidney Disease of non-traditional causes (CKDnT) among sugarcane workers in Latin America. The sugarcane industry in Central America is beset by poor working conditions, such as long working days and heavy physical work with little access to water and shade, which most likely contribute to the onset of the disease.

Simple solutions

However, four simple solutions could help prevent further deaths: access to clean drinking water, more breaks, more shade and better working equipment. Fairfood and CNV Interationaal are working to help companies implement these simple solutions. April 28 is World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

Watch our new ‘Simple solutions’ video to find out how easily this deadly epidemic could be solved. Find out more about our Sugarcane project in Central America and help take action with a small donation.

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