Our Society Thrives On Volunteers

5 December 2013

“Being a volunteer brings meaning to human relationships.  You give a lot of your time and energy for a good cause but at the same time you receive so much that you end up growing as a human being.”

– Luc Savarino, 26 – Volunteer at Fairfood International

Imagine one day without volunteers. A day during which we cannot count on volunteer campaigners to fight for food justice or the future of our planet, a day without volunteer fire fighters, a day where no one volunteers to help typhoon disaster victims, a day during which no meals will be delivered to homebound seniors and the homeless and a day where the phone lines at domestic violence and sexual assault centres are not manned. These are just a few of the vital activities that volunteers perform daily.

The reality is that you are likely to cross paths with a volunteer at least once a day, no matter where you are in the world. A day without volunteers would be devastating to the wellbeing of individuals, communities and society as a whole.  Volunteerism is synonymous with giving: giving time, attention, counsel, education, empathy and value to our communities.

Just recently we saw how hundreds of volunteers from local and international humanitarian organisations made a difference in countless ways for the survivors in typhoon-affected Philippines.

Like many, I have also been a volunteer and continue to work with many of them in my organisation. Their dedication and generosity has had enormous impact on me. At Fairfood international we have a long tradition of working with volunteers and, in fact, Fairfood was  established by volunteers, many of whom are still part of our on-going development. Without volunteers we would not be as successful as we are today.

Every 5 December we honour volunteers around the world on International Volunteer Day. On behalf of Fairfood I would like to thank all our volunteers. I also invite you all to join me in recognizing the selfless commitment of volunteers everywhere and applaud the hundreds of millions of people who volunteer to make the world a better place.

Anselm Iwundu

Executive Director, Fairfood International