Strategic priorities 2015-2017 | Fairfood International

12 January 2015

Fairfood is proud to announce the publication of its Strategic priorities 2015-2017 entitled ‘Momentum for Change’.

For more than a decade, Fairfood International has campaigned to improve the socioeconomic conditions of smallholder farmers and workers and promote the sustainable use of natural resources. It has been our aim to curb corporate abuses and ensure better government policies and regulations in order to create a fairer global food system.

Over the next three years, we will commit ourselves to four key priorities in order to increase our impact:

  • Enabling the growth of partners at grassroots level;
  • Fostering changes in policies and practices from global food companies, supermarkets and governments;
  • Mobilising public support to demand change in the food system;
  • Developing a stronger and unified Fairfood.

We will be launching two new programmes, which will underpin this push for change:

  • ‘The Socioeconomic Fairness Programme’: This will incorporate the issues of a living wage, fair prices, and safe and healthy working conditions;
  • ‘The Sustainable Production and Consumption Programme’: This programme wil be launched later in the current strategic period and will focus on three priority themes relating to land use, water use and the protection of biodiversity.

Within these programmes, Fairfood will focus on particular commodities to show how underlying causes condemn workers and farmers (especially women) to hunger and poverty.