Surprise Lidl this Christmas: it’s time for living wages

16 December 2015

Lidl has been dragging its feet for months, failing to share an action plan to tackle poverty wages and abuses in its supply chains. Therefore, SumOfUs and Fairfood thought it was time to send Lild a reminder and ask what’s causing the hold up. And you can help us doing so!

Official statement Lidl
Hundreds of SumOfUs supporters have already left a message at the Lidl UK Facebook page and the Lidl Twitter account. Lidl responded with an official statement, reading the following:

Lidl Statement2

Lidl promised to come with concrete plans, but never did so
Fairfood has indeed been in direct contact with Lidl for over a year now. In June we handed over almost 140,000 signatures to Lidl of worried consumers who asked the retailer giant to pay living wages to all workers in its global food supply chains. Lidl promised to get back to us with concrete plans to start working on the implementation of living wages in its supply chains. But the retailer never shared any details, which makes us question whether Lidl has even started creating a plan.

You can help!

Right now Lidl is competing with other supermarkets for our attention in the weeks before Christmas. Let’s give Lidl a surprise in these days so the supermarket can no longer ignore us.

Here’s what you can do on Facebook:

Step 1: Go to Lidl’s Facebook page:
Click here for the Lidl Netherlands Facebook page
Click here for the Lidl Germany Facebook page
Click here for the Lidl France Facebook page
Click here for the Lidl UK Facebook page

Step 2: Copy and paste or write something like this as a comment to Lidl’s latest posts:
Lidl stocks food from suppliers who exploit workers and trap them in poverty. What will Lidl do this Christmas to ensure those workers are treated fairly?

If you use Twitter, please do this:

Step 1: Click here to tweet at Lidl using the company’s hashtag
Step 2: Click here to Retweet and Heart a couple of these tweets to make them more visible

Let’s make this Christmas a good one: let’s make Lidl come up with a concrete plan to pay living wages to all workers in their global food supply chains.

Thank you for all of your help!