Time to look back at a great year!

31 December 2015

As 2015 is almost at its end, at Fairfood we are looking back at what we have achieved and we would love to share some of these highlights with you!

Report about exploitation and poverty wages behind production Asian shrimp sold in European supermarkets
In April we published the report Caught in a Trap revealing that the shrimp sold in European supermarkets are peeled and processed by exploited Asian shrimp workers who earn poverty wages. We also revealed that Lidl is one of the supermarkets that source these shrimp from Asia.

Petition Lidl signed by over 165,000 people
Together with SumOfUs we started a campaign to convince Lidl to tackle the poverty wages in all of its supply chains. The petition has been signed by over 165,000 people. Lidl promised to get back to us with a concrete plan to start working on the implementation of living wages in its supply chains, but never did so.

Therefore, this Christmas, we are surprising Lidl with Facebook posts and tweets asking them to implement living wages in its supply chain. You can help us out.

What’s on your plate? The story of your food
Have you watch our animation video yet? Learn more about how the global food supply chain works and find out what all of us can do to create a fair food supply chain.

Report about the bitter consequences of poor working conditions in the Central American sugarcane industry
In July, together with the Dutch trade union federation CNV Internationaal and the Central American Institute for Social Studies (ICAES), we published the report Give them a break about the harsh working conditions in the sugarcane industry in Central America. Over the last decade, thousands of sugarcane workers in Central America have died from Chronic Kidney Disease of non-Traditional causes (CKDnT), which is related to the harsh working conditions. The report also revealed that Bacardi is one of the companies that sources sugar products for its rum from Central America.

Following the report, our friends from CNV Internationaal are currently calling upon Bacardi to improve the working conditions on the sugarcane plantations. You can join them here: www.nopartywithbacardi.nl (in Dutch).

Workshop on entrepreneurial skills in Madagascar
In September, together with CNV Internationaal, we provided a workshop to vanilla farmers in the Sava region in Madagascar to raise farmers’ awareness about the global vanilla value chain, to discuss what a fair price would be according to the farmers present and to discuss ways of changing the current situation of Malagasy vanilla farmers.

51 year old vanilla farmer Zafisoa attended the workshop: “A workshop like this has never happened before. It was very special and I’m very grateful that I could attend. It is important to discuss our problems and learn more about the vanilla value chain.” Read more on our vanilla project here.

Global Food Week
This year Fairfood launched its first Global Food Week, around Global Food Day on Friday 16 October. During this week we highlighted some of the most challenging issues in our global food chain and emphasized that we all have an important role to play in creating a system that is fair and inclusive for farmers and food workers all over the world.

In light of Global Food Week, famous Dutch food blogger ChicksLoveFood and consumer Daisy Scholte – winner of the Roving Report contest – travelled to Morocco to meet the women that pick our tomatoes. You can read about their experiences in their blogs.

MOR trip 3MOR trip 2MOR trip 1

Kicked off Living Wage lab with supermarkets and experts
Together with Hivos we kicked off a Living Wage lab in which we are – together with supermarkets and living wage experts – looking for practical ways to implement living wages. We will have more sessions in 2016 in which we hope to find out together what works best.

Thank you
We would like to thank all of you who helped us last year on our journey towards fair food supply chains! With a special thanks to the food brands and retailers who are starting to take steps forward towards fair labour conditions for all workers in their supply chains, and a special thanks to our amazing partners and other organisations without whom we would not have been able to work on these delicate issues:

Andy Hall, CNV Internationaal, Fédération Nationale du Secteur Agricole (FNSA), FNV Bondgenoten, Ford Foundation, Hivos, Instituto CentroAmericano de Estudios Sociales (ICAES), La Isla Foundation, Migrant Worker Rights Network (MWRN), Nationale Postcode Loterij (NPL), Oxfam, State Enterprises Workers’ Relations Confederation (SERC), Solidaridad, Solidarity Center, SumOfUs and many other organisations.

Forecast for 2016
In 2016 we will continue working on achieving a food system in which people live and work in dignity, the environment is respected and there is social and economic value for all. We will do this by:
• Inspiring business and communities,
• Influencing policies and practices,
• Connecting ideas and people,
• Sharing knowledge and solutions.

Keep on following us to see how you can help. Let’s all work together to make 2016 a good and fair food year!